Recognised as the world’s largest church by the world book of records – London, Bible Mission Gooty Church is situated in Anantpur district of Andhra Pradesh. Founded and established on 31st January 1938 the church is the symbol of faith, integrity and love for many. Along with Pastor .Rev. B Adbutha kumar and 30 other members of the church ministry were formed on 26th June 1992. Managing and operating its 114 branches spread across the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka the church acts as the path from darkness to light.

Situated In the serene locale of Gooty Anantpur district of Andhra Pradesh the church is built on 61 acres of vast land with a sitting accommodation of 60,000 people. Along with 225 pillars and 14 feet height the majestic church is constructed with a modern touch which consists of facilities like prayer tower, Bible College, mega kitchen, water tanks and compound walls. By the gods grace the church has been blessed with a number of devotees who take part in a number of gospel meetings and love feast. Each month nearly 50,000 students participate in the church prayers as well.

Apart from this, the church has also conducted a number of free marriages for economically poor people and offered rice, vegetables and food during the time of period of covid -19. Associated with the number of social works the church also looks towards the upliftment of people. Without any foreign aid or offerings the church has been built with the help of a number of devotees from various districts of Andhra Pradesh who took part in the completion of this programme.

Listed in the world book of records as the world’s largest church, Bible Mission Gooty Church has brought immense pride and honour for the people of Andhra Pradesh and India.


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