Many times shampoo and conditioner do not give the shine to the hair which we want. No matter how you use the shampoo, but if there is no difference in the hair, then what is the use. Similarly, shampoo companies make big promises to use shampoo to make hair silky, shining, soft and remove dandruff. But even in that they remain unsuccessful. Therefore, if some such method is available at home itself, so that our hair gets nourishment as well as new life comes to the hair. That’s why we have brought for you a ready-made conditioner at home that will not only make your hair silky shining but will also remove dandruff.    

1- Yogurt (1-2 bowl)
2- Fenugreek seeds powder (1-2 tsp)

If you are going to do this recipe, then first of all you should remove its water from the curd. So that when the paste is made, it does not flow from the hair. Now you have to take curd according to your hair and mix fenugreek powder in it. As soon as the paste is ready, first check that the paste is not cold. After that, apply the paste well in the roots of the hair and apply it on the hair as well. After that you keep it for half an hour and wash the hair with shampoo. After drying your hair, you will not be able to believe that this recipe has given such good results.

Note- Take out the curd from the fridge and make room temperature first and then use it.


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