If the face is full of pimples, then we may or may not be the focal point of the people, but our pimple becomes the focal point. Pimples can happen due to many reasons but they can also end due to only one reason. So don’t worry. These are only for you, yes, if you are troubled by pimples and you have to hide your face from someone because of these pimples, then leave it all. Now a desi recipe for you, which will not only clean the pimple, but will also bring glow and noor to the face. But remember the first thing that do not touch the face with hands again and again, because of this bacteria start spreading from hands to face and from face to hands. Therefore, do not touch the face with your hands as much as possible, but use a handkerchief or napkin. So if you want to get rid of pimples, then you have to take care of cleanliness along with applying face pack only on the face so that the pimples do not come back after recovery. Some things will definitely be needed to apply the face pack.

1 Arjun bark (powder) 

2 multani mitti 

3 turmeric 

4 Milk, rose water or water (use any of these).

To make a face pack, take all three things in equal quantity and you can use milk, rose water or water in it. Then after making this paste, apply it on clean face and keep it for 15-20 minutes. After the face pack dries, wash the face with fresh water. Now you will see that there is a slight difference on the face, the pimples have become a little better. But do not get relief too soon, but gradually this recipe will work and get rid of pimple. 

Note- If you have pimples, you should avoid eating fried food, spicy food. Also, drink more water and include fruits in your diet.


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