While focussing on People, Planet, Profits and Performance (in that order) we chanced upon an opportunity to cater to our end consumers requirements and reduce wastage of our e-commerce boxes which are used to ship our small value orders from our website by making them reusable! We have pleasure in introducing to you our reusable e-commerce boxes made with certified recycled and forest friendly paper. These boxes have been designed for 5 different uses! You can flatten the box, flip it around and convert it to a gift box to start with. You can make a few cuts and make it a desk organiser along with a mobile phone holder to make your audio/video calls easier. Next, you can use this as a bird house. Further, you can also use it as a plastic bag dispenser to promote reuse. Last but not the least, the box can be reused as a tablet stand!

“We have committed ourselves towards engineering sustainable, inclusive, Zero Waste and planet friendly offerings contributing to the circular economy and we are happy to be lead the way with this initiative for other chocolate makers and FMCG companies” says L Nitin Chordia, Co-Founder Kocoatrait. “We take reduce, reuse, recycle and zero waste quite seriously and are always looking at ways to increase our contribution to the circular economy. This engages the user in a very exciting way and helps us drive the message of sustainability and reuse. We hope that our users will involve their family in this reuse.” adds Poonam Chordia, Co-Founder. Kocoatrait chocolate bars are already wrapped with our proprietary (and popular if we may call it) up-cycled cocoa husk paper. “We strive and relentlessly aim to build a sustainable business where we don’t have to cut a single tree for running our operations.” asserts L Nitin Chordia. “The DIY box is made using recycled paper and can further be recycled after reuse. We are constantly looking around us and beyond our chocolate bars to find ways to be kinder to the planet.” says L Nitin Chordia.


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