By practicing and using her knowledge of ontology, Aashmeen Munjaal aims to reach out to people who need motivation and direction in life to accomplish their dreams and fulfill their desires. Being a certified Ontologist for the past ten years and currently imparting the knowledge of the quantum universe through her online classes and academy of Magic Words, recently Aashmeen was witnessed in an academy to motivate students through her life skill development program.

Aashmeen Munjaal’s training programme polishes the ability to adapt to all kinds of circumstances and makes a child successful in every aspect of society. Lack of these life skills in the lives of new generations is a matter of concern for parents. Due to the absence of life skills, not only personal lives but professional lives and careers get affected.

By educating life skills, students can develop self-confidence. It makes them cooperative and communicative. It prepares them to take quick action in any unfavorable circumstances.

It will deliver emphasis on habit formation, whose deep-rooted soul is discipline. “It is equally important to behave in discipline with oneself as it is with others,” says Aashmeen Munjaal.


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