THE KARL LAGERFELD, the world’s first and only hotel tower with its interior wholly designed by the late fashion legend, opens its doors for guests on 3rd December 2021 at Grand Lisboa Palace in Cotai.

According to a statement by Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macao, every detail of the 271 rooms and suites exemplifies the German designer’s pursuit of perfection, right from specially commissioned furniture to the circular room dividers referencing traditional Chinese moon gates.

The statement underlined that the Chinoiserie-inspired room décor embodies Karl Lagerfeld’s cosmopolitan lifestyle and distinct aesthetic vision, adding that with each pattern, material and decoration personally conceived or selected by the designer, guests can expect to be amazed by a talent that knew no bounds.

Pier Paolo Righi, CEO of KARL LAGERFELD, said that the hotel tower was “a unique interior design project for Karl in China and a labour of love for over five years.

Karl Lagerfeld was able to complete the design before his passing – designing and approving each element of the hotel tower.

He was extremely proud to have worked on a luxury project of this magnitude, with a team he loved, to create his vision of ‘Europe meets China.’

It’s also a great point of pride for the brand to carry on his legacy, and we’re thrilled to have brought to life one of the final great accomplishments of his career.”

Meanwhile, the statement described The Book Lounge in the lobby as deriving a more direct inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld’s huge passion for books, and specifically the famous library at his photo-shoot studio in Paris.

More than 4,000 real books are on display, reflecting the legend’s personal interests and inspirations, selected by 7L Bookshop owned by the designer.

Karl Lagerfeld passed away in 2019, aged 85. He lived most of his life in France.


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