The elders of our house often tell us to apply oil in the navel, but sometimes we apply oil and sometimes not. But if you know its benefits, then you will apply it yourself as well as tell everyone related to you. So if you want to apply oil to the navel, then it is more important to know which oil gives its benefits. By the way, applying oil in the navel and massaging around the navel, it cures many diseases. If you did not know this thing, then know that it is possible that it is possible due to navel therapy. So let’s quickly know the benefits of putting oil in the navel.

Almonds – If you see tension on your face or your face remains withered, tension remains, headache remains, then you apply almond oil in the navel, it also sharpens the mind and also if you are tired then it also reduces. Is.

Olive- This is a panacea for those who want to eliminate obesity, only you have to apply olive oil in the navel and massage it with light hands around the navel. And even if you have pain in your joints, it is very beneficial for you.

Mustard – Chapped lips or drinking less water, now due to these reasons the lips become dry and cracked, for that you have to put 3 to 5 drops of mustard oil in the navel. And if someone has started having white hair at an early age, then this is also a very good remedy for him. As well as dryness in the eyes, dandruff in the hair will also get rid of these.

Coconut Oil – As much as coconut oil is useful for enhancing the beauty of the skin, it is equally useful in increasing one’s fertility. Yes, if someone has to face such a problem, then he must try it by adopting this method.

Ghee- Desi Ghee also has many benefits, one of them is, if someone’s skin is very dry and hard, then he should apply cow’s native ghee in the navel. Due to which the skin will start to regenerate and the skin will start to become healthy.

Neem oil is as bitter as it is, it is equally virtuous, it also gives many benefits like acne or red rash on the face, then neem oil cures it and also prevents it from happening.

Note- Before using any oil, make sure that it is 100% pure. If you buy any packet, then it should be written in the ingredients that 100% pure oil.


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