Traditionally, cacao farmers have been excluded from enjoying the benefits of the ever growing cacao, chocolate and bean to bar industry. Demand is continuously rising but the farmer continues to get neglected in this growth.
Kocoatrait, India’s 1st Zero waste, inclusive and sustainable bean to bar chocolates announces their cacao post harvesting (fermentation/drying/storage/marketing) consulting services in India, by Indians and for Indian cacao farmers. These services are aimed at being inclusive and assisting the deserved Indian cacao farmers improve their cacao bean quality via post harvest improvements. This in turn helps the ever growing Indian bean to bar chocolate makers access good quality cacao beans in India, improve the quality of their chocolate and continue to get international recognition.

L Nitin Chordia, India’s 1st certified chocolate taster believes that this is an inclusive offering and will work in the benefit of the farmer and the overall growing bean to bar chocolate industry. “This will further help us decrease our reliance on imports of cacao/chocolate” says L Nitin Chordia. “While the government is trying hard to increase the area under cultivation of cacao in India, this added effort and investment from the farmer would help him increase farmer income and make good quality beans available to the Indian bean to bar chocolate makers. We are happy to share our expertise and experience for this cause. This will ensure many more chocolatiers will have access to fine flavour beans and I see this as a win-win situation for the Indian cacao and chocolate industry. This will set the foundation to support the unprecedented growth this industry is witnessing” says L Nitin Chordia.
Kocoatrait further provides buy back options to farmers and clearly documents the ROI to enable farmers make an educated and informed decision.


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