Naseeruddin Shah recently landed in trouble for sharing a video and criticising ‘sections of Indian Muslims celebrating the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan’. The Veteran actor now reveals that actors in the industry are harassed for speaking their minds and why Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan maintain silence.

The three-time National Award winner said that a few big Indian filmmakers and actors are being “encouraged” to make “pro-establishment” films. While he doesn’t hold proof about filmmakers and actors being promised a clean chit for propaganda films, he feels it is obvious from the kind of big-ticket films that are being made these days.

In conversation with NDTV, Naseeruddin Shah said, “They are being encouraged by the government to make pro-government films, to make films lauding the efforts of our beloved leader. They are also being financed, also promised a clean chit if they make movies which are propaganda, to put it bluntly. The kind of big-budget films that are coming. The big ones – cannot disguise the jingoistic agenda.”

He also clarified that he has never felt any discrimination in the industry for being a Muslim. However, actors in the industry are subject to harassment if they dare to speak their minds and the reason that the biggest Khans chose silence.

Naseeruddin Shah said, “They (the Khans) are worried because of the harassment they will be subjected to. They have so much to lose. It will not be just financial harassment, it is not about losing an endorsement or two. It’s a question of their entire establishments getting harassed.” He pointed out that anyone who dares to speak out will have to face harrasment

“It is not just Javed saab or me, it is anyone who speaks out against this right wing mentality and it is growing on both sides,” the Naseeruddin added.


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