“ENGGIFIC” must be sounding unfamiliar to you. No worries, even I found it difficult to understand. Gradually after exploring and talking to Shivesh Goel, Entrepreneur, Owner and Founder of ENGGIFIC I could get the complete meaning. It is the combination of two words Engineering & Scientific. It is a Scientific Supermarket based in Hyderabad, it is accessible offline and online allowing you to shop most of the items needed on a regular basis for the construction industry to accomplish accuracy and precision in the work. At times the customer finds it difficult to procure quality and accurate engineering items all at one place. ENGGIFIC has made it easy for the buyer to shop the items and the company will deliver at your doorstep.

Shivesh Goel, who is the entrepreneur, owner and founder is honored with Small business award 2022 in the category of Engineering and allied goods. Let’s explore more about him and his company.

Q) How does it feel to achieve the small business award?
A) It feels great to achieve the small business award in the category of Engineering and allied goods. We work hard throughout the year with our team and try to deliver our best. This kind of recognition for our brand makes us happy, proud and intact is like a validation that we are working on the right path and doing well. When I brought this award to my office I saw a pleasant smile on everyone’s face.

Q) When did your business begin?
A) ENGGIFIC started its journey in the year 2017. The name “ENGGIFIC” is a combination of two words – Engineering & Scientific. In 2017, we had few engineering products in range. But today we have more than 500+ engineering items in our catalogue.

Q) Why did you decide to start your own business?
A) I come from a business family where my father and grandfather were into business. I have seen my father grow as a successful Entrepreneur. I have learnt a lot from his working style, his commitment & dedication towards his work. Seeing all this from a young age, I decided to be an Entrepreneur. Apart from this, I feel an Entrepreneur can add value and bring positive change in other people’s life.

Q) What was your first objective when you founded your business?
A) My main objective was to provide advanced engineering tools and equipment to my clients which can help them achieve accuracy and precision in their work. What we sell not only allows customer to inspect the quality, but also helps to measure it and make it easy for them to achieve precision.

Q) How many people work for your company?
A) At present we have a dedicated team of 8-10 people directly associated with us. Apart from this, about 25 -30 people get work indirectly from us. We train our staff on regular basis. Our Staff is like extended family for us. People working at our place get opportunity to learn and grow in career and also as a individual.

Q) What products or services do you offer?
A) ENGGIFIC Engineering & Scientific is one of the pioneers engaged in offering a wide range of Engineering and Scientific laboratory equipment all over India. We Supply Testing equipment, Measuring instruments, Civil construction site quality control equipment, Laboratory Items, Scientific apparatus, Land survey instruments, Site Safety Equipment, Drawing Instruments, Engineering Models, Microscopes, Electronic Balances, Glassware items and much more. Our entire product range is appreciated and used by many Construction Companies, Builders, Developers, Architects, Land Surveyors, Educational Institutes and Universities, Research Laboratories etc.
Enggific logo is trademark registered. We also accept bulk orders and customised order depending upon client requirement. When we receive an enquiry, we first understand actual requirement of client and the purpose behind it. Accordingly, we suggest suitable technical specification product to our client and offer it at most reasonable price. We guide our customers pre and post sales. Also undertake servicing at minimal cost.

What methods do you use to promote your business?
A) We use social media marketing, referral marketing, digital and print media to promote our products. We also conduct webinars online and participate in expo. We try to offer best discounts and offers to customers which helps us in getting more business. Along with product, we provide user manual and take feedback from client as well.

How difficult was the start, what was the motivation and what was the reason for starting the business?
A) When I started, I could see that the customer focus in our category was on procuring material available at a lesser price. For me it was difficult to convince them to shift to material having high quality standards which can bring utmost precision in their work.
But, I took up this as a challenge and started providing quality engineering equipments under my brand name ENGGIFIC. When people use our products and achieve accuracy in their work, it motivates us to reach to more people.

Please tell us what is the current industry trend of your sector?
A) Our equipment is widely used by construction companies and in infra projects. Today, the Construction industry is growing tremendously because of demand in real estate and new upcoming infrastructure projects.

Q) If you were not a businessman. What else would you have been?
A) If I was not a businessman, I would be working in an IT firm. If not that, then I would be a motivational speaker & trainer.

Q) Dos and don’ts for aspiring entrepreneurs?
A) Be clear with what you are doing in business. Most of the startups fail because they are unable to retrieve the payments or focus only on one department. If you are into business, you need to concentrate on all the departments like sales, marketing, hr, finance, management etc.
You can try a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) analysis for your business to understand things better.

Q) What motivates you the most?
A) My honesty policy motivates me. Not only in business, but in real life I have always been honest which makes me fearless and confident. The appreciation I get from my customers for my honest approach towards them motivates me.

Q) How do you handle your competitors in the market?
A) I don’t believe in competition. I compete with myself and try to improve from my previous work.
Rather than competition, I believe in collaboration.

Q) Business is another name for taking risks, before starting any new things, how do you overcome your fear?
A) I had this confidence in myself that I will be able to handle business efficiently. If you are clear with what you want in life and where you want to reach, how you will do it then there is absolutely no fear.

Q) Who were your Business gurus?
A) My parents are my business gurus. The normal discussion we used to have at home over tea trained me with the basics of business. As I come from Agarwal community, business learning is quite easy for us. We see elders in our family doing business. When we enter into the field, we do make mistakes and learn from them. It is fine to learn from own mistakes.

Q) Where do you see your company after 5 years?
A) I want my company to be in the Top 100 Companies of India. Am working very hard to establish my company and my brand in top level market. This is possible only with clear business strategies and hard work which we are ready for.

 Q)  How was the initial seed fund taken care of?

A) Initial fund was provided by my parents. When I decided to start in business, my parents supported me and showed the right way. Let me tell you, I started with just 5 lacs in business. Slowly I expanded my work and today am quite happy and want to grow further, go global.

Q) Which is the area of opportunity for small businesses today?
A) Today there is a huge opportunity. If you can solve any problem around you, then it can be a business model. For starting any business, you donot need huge investment. If your idea and business model is bright, you can get investors & funds. Definitely, competition in market today is more than it use to be earlier.

ENGGIFIC is a stopover where you can fulfill your engineering, scientific & construction lab requirements. The company has added many new products to its list which are the latest in Technology, consisting of advanced features. It has added many products which are more compact, portable, easy to carry, user-friendly and will surely be of benefit to the customers.

The vision and mission of the company is crystal clear. It is expanding with a vision that people, technical or non-technical from anywhere in India should be equipped with the most advanced, digital, precise, modern engineering and scientific tools and equipment in their work process so that they achieve accuracy and precision in whatever they do.

Shivesh Goel is an interesting personality. He is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification. Being into the business for so many years, he also has a writer living inside him. He is a debutant Author of a book “Find dots Join dots to solve your problem”. Networking is an extra talent that keeps him growing and making him a successful entrepreneur. He is a certified networker from an international organization called ASENTIV. Flair for writing leads him to establish an eMagazine known as Knwngg bbsnss. He is active in social activities and works for society betterment.

He is a leader who leads with clarity and honesty. Going on a long drive is his hobby and passion for reading books in leisure time makes him indifferent. Shivesh craves acquiring new skills as well. Perfection is something that he can’t miss out or compromise upon so he completes his work with utmost perfection.

In today’s time, where everyone is thinking only about themselves, He feels it is important to be considerate, have empathy and respect for all. One can be practical but emotion also does play a vital role in our lives. Shivesh further says when we care about people around us, it becomes a better place to live for all of us.


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