Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari felicitated Founder and Chairman of Sarthak Cinema Sujeet Pratap Singh with Shaheed – E – Azam Motivational Award 2021 for the film Godaam which is based on life of Farmers. The film got good critics reviews and Appreciated by them. The film is running successfully in its second Week. 
Recently Producer Sujeet Pratap Singh, has announced to donate a 25% profit revenue of earnings of his film Godaam for Covid, Farmers and Army relief. The donation will help the Family of Journalists who lost their life during Covid 19 Pandemic, Farmer and Army Family.

While talking to media Sujeet Pratap Singh said, “Such an award carries a lot of responsibility and I’ll do my best to keep the prestige alive. I am overwhelmed to have been chosen for the Shaheed – E – Azam Motivational Award 2021 which is given by honourable Maharashtra governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari and I also feel privileged and thankful as I know this award brings with it a lot of responsibility. I’m feeling lucky Organiser Rais Khan has noticed my film Godaam which is dedicated to Farmers and Army Mens. I promise that I will do my best to keep the prestige of this honour alive”. 

GODAAM” starring Sujeet Pratap Singh, Master Ritwik Pratap Singh, Akhil Gaurav Singh, Vipin Panigrahi, Maya Jaiswal, Akksar Allahabadi, Sunny Upadhyay, Shayna Khan, Arun Shukla and others. The film is produced by Sujeet Pratap Singh and written, directed by Akhil Gaurav Singh and Akksar Allahabadi.


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